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Dignity and Respect, Simplicity and Economy — is our promise to serve our members.


The Catholic Burial Society believes preplanning is an essential part of making informed and intelligent decisions. Grief has a profound effect on even the most rational decision makers. Do not let yourself or your loved ones be faced with having to make quick and expensive decisions at the time of death. We encourage you to explore your options ahead of time with clear judgment.

Preplanning cuts down the administrative expenses of the service provider. We will pass that savings to the consumer. Save your family thousands of dollars with a quick preplanning assessment. You will never wonder or worry about making the wrong decision.

Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and are happy to discuss our cremation and burial plans with you.

Pre-Planning: Registration

  • Your one-time registration fee of $150 covers membership for your entire immediate family (Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children). Non-members must pay the registration fee every time they use our services.
  • Your one-time registration fee of $150 is applied to the cost of the services selected. Non-members must pay the registration fee in addition to service fees at the time of death.
  • Our service charges will be price guaranteed for one calendar year from the date of membership.
  • Our Family Protection Plan guarantees that dependent children and dependent grandchildren will receive free funeral service by our licensed funeral directors.
  • 100% trusting on all funeral expenses. Funeral services provided by licensed and insured funeral professionals.
  • We will create and retain a membership file. The stress of securing information & signatures and making financial decisions will be alleviated. You can even provide obituary information ahead of time.

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