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Medicaid Trusts

We specialize in helping families set up Medicaid approved Irrevocable Funeral Trusts (IFT) a.k.a Irrevocable Burial Reserve (IBR) through our funeral home affiliates. All contracts are 100% trusted by our licensed funeral directors.

If you or a family member plan to apply for Medicaid benefits, funding an Irrevocable Funeral Trust is essential. In fact, an Irrevocable Funeral Trust is required by many Nursing Homes for patients receiving Medicaid benefits. Medicaid considers an Irrevocable Funeral Trust an exempt resource. Funds protected in this trust will not be considered part of the applicant’s net worth when applying for Medicaid. If you are spending down your resources to become Medical eligible, contact us today to discuss the benefits us setting up your Irrevocable Funeral Trust.

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